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Bridal 'Flowergirl' Satin Robe.
Bridal 'Flowergirl' Satin Robe.
Bridal 'Flowergirl' Satin Robe.
Bridal 'Flowergirl' Satin Robe.

Bridal 'Flowergirl' Satin Robe.

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Its all about the wedding day and spending those special hours before with your girls and our robes are the perfect way to complete your day.

Personalised "Flowergirl" Decal Satin Robe.

Includes the satin robe with flowergirl decal on the back of the robe.

Each satin robe is individually wrapped in a 100% cotton drawstring bag, this makes them ready to go and a great gift for the bridal party. 

robes are knee length and come with a belt so that each person can tie and adjust to there own personal comfort. 

If a Name is added to the robes wording, a Name will be added to the robes back and not the bridal wording.

Kids sizes 
Small (2-5years old)
Medium (5-8years old)
Large (8-10years old)

Robe colors available are:

white, black, light pink, navy and blush.

Our decals are premium and are done inhouse.

Our sizes are a standard fit.

Please add the wording color in the customisation box above :

We will confirm all order details via email once a purchase is made.

Thank you 

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